2007 is in several ways a special year for me: I will be 30 years old in August, netlabs.org 10 years in September and, I will be away for three months in one week :-)

After studying and working the past 16 years I thought it is time to see a bit more of the world and do that more than just a few weeks as I used to do so far. So I decided to travel through parts of Asia for three months. I will fly to Bangkok in early March and I will fly back to Switzerland in early June.

This basically means netlabs.org has to exist without me for some months and I really hope you don’t disappoint me ;-) I would appreciate a lot if things would go on during that time. We have exciting projects going on and it would be a shame if there is no progress for coordination things just because I am away for some time.

A lot of people already help me behind the scene, namely Robert Henschel and Jan van der Heide, which are doing a lot of coordination stuff and things like the netlabs.org Newsletter. But there is more that can be done by everyone from the community, like helping programmers with documentation, correcting stuff and so on. To give you a start I created an entry in our Wiki which can be used as a base for ideas for The Voyager Project to contribute.

Another important thing is that people do not contact me directly anymore for requests regarding netlabs.org. Please post anything related to netlabs.org to the community mailinglist, there are people reading this list which can take care of your request. My mailbox will most probably react like a black hole during my trip so don’t complain if you don’t get any answer :-)

That’s it so far from my side, I still have many things in my mind that I want to finish on the new server, parts of it will be done before I leave but some things have to wait till I am back in June. In case you are curious what I’m going to do in Thailand and surroundings you can visit my personal blog, which is German only however.

That’s it for the moment, I will let you know when I am back :)

Adrian Gschwend, founder & webmaster of netlabs.org

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